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Why should you be certified as a EMS Trainer?

The training with electromyostimulation (EMS) is particularly effectie because muscles – even in deeper layers – are trained more intensely, better and quickly. This is why the method is used more and more in day-to-day training. Our coaching program to become a “licensed EMS Trainer” in cooperation with miha bodytec covers all the fundamental knowledge and know-how that is relevant to perform as a coach and/or consultant in this growing market segment. As part of the training, you will attain all necessary knowledge to facilitate a professional work in this field.

Contents of the certification and training

The contents of the training are as follows: Anamnesis, contraindications, training goals, beginners training, spotting and acting, back training and spotting, training with back pain and urinary incontinence, relaxation training, back training and relaxation, electrophysiology, body shaping for abdomen-legs-buttocks, body shaping, load parameters and devising training plans, fat burning, EMS intensification techniques, body shaping for upper body as well as numerous practical units.

The GluckerKolleg training institute has trained competent EMS specialist for more than a decade and has also educated physical education teachers and sport therapists for more than 80 years. Our consultants are working with EMS training devices since the very beginning and therefore possess highly valuable tips regarding the proper handling and its use in practical situations. The course is rounded off and underpinned by covering numerous current scientific studies.

This course is suitable for all who work with EMS equipment and serve customers in this field.

Upon successful completion of the EMS license training, the graduate receives a license **, which certifies the handling of the EMS training (when booking the 2 training days). In addition, each participant is admitted free of charge to the network after passing the license examination and from then onwards receives free leads in case of inquiries. The training provides all the basics to work successfully in the EMS area.

How can you become a certified EMS Trainer?

You can participate in the EMS license course without any major requirements. It is always an advantage to have a basic education in the sports and fitness area. As part of the training course, you start by familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of EMS training by reviewing our study material from your home (we will send you the EMS preparation material once you booked the course). To go through the fundamentals, you need about 4 weeks and about 4 hours per week (Note that this must be covered before the practical part of the course commences). For admission to the practical component of the course, you must pass a preliminary online examination with at least 70%. This is to ensure a uniform level of knowledge among the team and to adequately prepare you for the practical component of the course. The actual practical component of the course lasts for 2 days (typically a weekend) and you will take part in a short practical test at the end of these 2 days.

Following the completion of the practical component, the participant also again has to pass an online examination to be granted a license. A set of 20 random multiple-choice questions will be asked, whereas the participant must score at least 70% in order to pass the test. The EMS license will then be issued automatically in cooperation with miha bodytec. For further questions and for questions relating to the pricing, please contact the GluckerKolleg EMS partner institute in your country (see "our partner institutes").